For a small or medium-size business, marketing dollars need to go far. How can you get a strong return on investment without spending too much? Consider using Google for your marketing. Read on to learn what it has to offer, and how you can use the tools to gain visibility and conversions. 


Getting Started with Google Marketing


Google offers many free tools for businesses on a budget. Starting with Google My Business, your company can verify its business listing; this listing is available to any business with a physical presence and that interacts with customers in person. Next step can be adding information for your business, including hours, products/services, and customer reviews and testimonials. By skending your visitors a link to your listing, you can get additional reviews. Google My Business also provides metrics (such as numbers of clicks) to show the success of your marketing efforts.


Using Google Ads for Greater Return on Investment


Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a pay-per-click platform for buying advertisements on Google. Google assigns a quality score according to keywords’ relevance and quality. Businesses with high quality scores rank higher in search engine results, and this leads to more clicks and conversions, not to mention a lower cost for each click. With this in mind, make keywords as specific and relevant as possible to help your business show up high on the results page, giving it the visibility it needs. Tip: make sure your website has solid landing pages with a strong ‘call to action’ and trust builder, such as customer reviews.


Keeping An Eye on Metrics


Another advantage is the ability to see at a glance how your business is reaching customers. How many clicks are you getting? What channels do visitors use most to interact with your brand? Google’s machine learning can process data automatically and even predict how your users will behave in the future. You can then fine-tune your efforts for even more ROI.


Google can be an effective marketing platform for businesses with a limited marketing budget. For further information, contact ClikCloud today.