Live web chat, added to your website, offers a win-win solution for serving customers–you get more leads, and visitors enjoy interacting with your website.  Read on to learn how it can build your brand, increase your profits and enhance customer experience.


Benefits of Having Live Chat on Your Website


Chat has been a feature of many websites for some years, used by sales, marketing and customer service representatives to interact with customers.  Whether live or powered by chatbots, it can help garner more leads, and build trust with current customers. For one thing, it can allow your business to answer inquiries even outside business hours, enhancing your perceived and actual availability. 


Website Chat can be Better than a Phone Call


At times, it can be more efficient than a phone call–no need for the customer to navigate phone menus or spend time on hold. Done right, live chat can enhance the visitor’s experience, making them feel cared for before they even ask a question or share their issue. It might even lead them to become a loyal customer, and tell others about your website so that your business gets more leads


Considerations for Website Chat


First of all, in considering live chat, what are your business objectives? Are you looking to build a brand, bring in more leads, and further delight present customers? Will it help you meet key performance benchmarks for metrics like low wait times or fast response? At times, an automated chat interaction may progress to conversation with a representative, showing that the human touch is still needed. Training in best practices might be needed when getting started with live chat.


Live chat on your website has the potential to boost your company’s success. For more assistance, contact ClikCloud today.